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    Custom Kitchen Cabinets In Toronto.

    If you’re looking to give your Toronto kitchen a fresh new look, remodeling your kitchen cabinets could do the trick. Cabinets are one of the most visible features of your kitchen, and the cabinet style you choose can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space.

    How to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen.

    First off, you should know that there are 4 types of cabinets on the market to choose from:

    • Base cabinets
    • Wall cabinets
    • Tall cabinets (used for pantry space)
    • Specialty units (including corner and sink cabinets)

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out some useful tips!

    Are RTA cabinets good quality?.

    RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets vary in their quality, just like any other piece of furniture. It all depends on the supplier and the materials used in their construction. Some can last for years or even decades, and others not so much. To get the best quality RTA cabinets, look for construction using plywood, solid wood or engineered wood like HDF or MDF.

    How long does it take to assemble RTA cabinets?.

    It takes an average of about 10 minutes to assemble an RTA wall cabinet, and about 15 minutes for a base cabinet. It’s an easy process you can do yourself, and all the instructions and materials you need should come with the cabinet.

    What is a 10×10 kitchen?.

    This is an industry term describing a “standard kitchen.” It refers to a design standard that consists of 12 cabinets with set sizing. While it doesn’t necessarily describe a real kitchen, it’s a handy formula to help you compare options in terms of pricing. Remember that a “10’x10’ kitchen” does not include decorative hardware, crown molding, sink/faucet, countertop, or other appliances.

    Stock vs. custom kitchen cabinets.

    When choosing cabinets for your kitchen remodel, you will have the choice between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets.

    Stock cabinets are mass produced and only available in set colors and sizes. They are the most affordable option. They are also the quickest option since they can be selected and installed within a day.

    Make sure you choose well-built stock cabinets made of plywood or solid wood. Pressed wood stock cabinets are weaker in their construction and won’t last as long. Finally, check to make sure the finish on the stock cabinets is consistent. Some cheaper models feature irregular finishes.

    Semi-custom cabinets are similar to stock cabinets, but their size can be customized to fit your kitchen and you can change other small features. They are a good compromise between affordability and personalization.

    Custom cabinets are built exactly to your specifications, and are therefore the most expensive option. You can generally count on custom cabinets to feature high quality materials and construction. They will also be able to fit exactly into your kitchen design.

    Make sure the cabinets fit into your budget if you go for this option, as the cost can be significant depending on your needs. You also want to carefully measure the area you want the cabinets to be installed in before work starts to ensure they fit your space!

    Framed vs. frameless cabinets.

    This is another decision you’ll have to make when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets. Framed cabinets include a box and face frame, while frameless cabinets have drawers and doors attached directly to them.

    Framed cabinets can be thinner and can fit into tighter spaces, while frameless need to be thicker. Frameless cabinets allow you to access the full interior space (since there’s no frame), and they also tend to look more contemporary than framed cabinets.

    How much do kitchen cabinets cost?.

    Custom cabinets are the most expensive and will typically range between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot. Semi-custom cabinets range between $100 and $650 per linear foot, and stock cabinets, the most affordable option, will range between $60 and $200 per linear foot.

    How much does kitchen cabinet refacing cost?.

    Cabinet refacing is a good option if you are looking to save money on your kitchen remodel. It involves covering existing cabinets with a new veneer, including new hardware and trim. It’s a perfectly great design option if your cabinetry is still relatively intact.

    The cost of cabinet refacing, installation and materials (RTF or thermofoil) will range from $2,400 to $3,200. Using higher-end materials will cost you between $3,000 and $4,000 while customized, solid-wood refacing generally ranges between $3,700 and $5,000.

    How much does kitchen cabinet refinishing cost?.

    Another great option if you’re looking to save money on your kitchen remodel is cabinet refinishing. If your cabinets are in good condition and of a style you are comfortable with, you can simply have them refinished. This involves staining or painting the cabinets.

    The average cost of refinishing cabinets is about $2,200. The final cost will depend on the refinishing method and the size of your cabinets.

    How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets?.

    The short answer is: it depends. Consider the scope of your project. If you’re doing a complete overhaul of your kitchen cabinets, the process can be divided into 2 phases.

    Phase 1: demolition. Duration: 1-2 days.

    Phase 2: installation. Duration: 2-3 days.

    The rest of your kitchen remodel will take much longer. Countertop installation, for example, can take up to 2 weeks. Fitting fixtures, painting, and installing appliances can take a few more weeks. When all is said and done, a complete kitchen remodel can take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete – if all goes well and there are no changes to the plan along the way.

    Choosing the right kitchen cabinet design.

    One of the most important things to consider when you’re remodeling your kitchen is storage space. It’s not a flashy feature of the kitchen, but it’s an absolute necessity. First of all, decide if you want to focus on drawers or cabinets. Cabinets are generally a less expensive option, but drawers tend to be more functional. It’s all about how your space is laid out, and how you’re going to be using your kitchen.

    Think about your cabinets’ door style. Since it’s so visible, it’s a feature that can make or break your kitchen’s design. Are you going to go classic, modern, or something balancing both? Make sure the style of your cabinets’ doors matches your overall décor. You’ll also want to make sure you install soft-close cabinets and drawers.

    It’s also important to consider the finishes your new cabinets will have. You can choose laminate, paint or solid wood. Whatever you choose, it should always match and complement the rest of your kitchen (and home) décor.

    Remember that neutral and natural finishes are always popular – something to consider if you’re looking to re-sell your home down the road. If you have a small space, avoid using dark tones as it can make your kitchen feel smaller.

    Finally, focus on the quality of the cabinets you’re choosing. The best cabinets come from manufacturers who belong to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). You can recognize KCMA cabinets by their blue and white KCMA certification seal.

    At the end of the day, it’s best to consult an expert to help you through this process!

    At Hard Hat Reno Guys, we are totally focused on customer satisfaction, and we strive to offer the most competitive rates in the Toronto area. We’ve built our reputation on our expertise, attention to detail and conscientiousness. We’ll get the job done right and treat your home as if it were our own. If you’re looking for a complete kitchen remodel or just your cabinets re-done, give us a call!


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